MCO3.0 or what versions of MCO will come, this is the time to take extra caution and Work From Home (WFH). But there are expenses to pay, customers to service and markets to conquer. 

The world still moves..and it is time to reinvent.

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Begin your Digital Transformation for RM299/ year

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5 Reasons  why Work From Home (WFH) would work for your employees

How to PLAN a Work From Home for your business

Ready, Set..Go!

Ready Applications & Modules for you to start NOW
Expand your market
Get more leads, know your customers, engage & convert
Website builder

DIY Website builder, easy to use, No coding knowledge required. 


Automate touch points, SMS & manage social networks 


Sell your products/ services online and get paid online 

Secure more sales 
Pipeline management, issue quotes, create sales orders, invoice and manage collections
Customer Relationship Management

Pipeline management, Create quotes and convert opportunities.

Point of Sales 

Hardware compatibility, Off-line mode, Loyalty programs, Integration with inventory


Quotes, invoice & online payment

Optimise your operations
Purchase, Inventory management, Centralise knowledge, time tracking & field and support services

RFQ, Automation, Supplier management


Automation, Drop-shipping, Multi-warehouse, Internal Transfers


Off-line mode, Mobile friendly, Customise workflow, Start / Stop activity 

Improve your cashflow

Budgeting, Reporting, Taxes, Invoicing, Cashflow management 


Budgeting, Reporting,, Taxes, Multi-companies


Issue invoice, track collection


Manage employee expenses, Customise workflow/ stages & Upload receipts

Motivate your team
Source, recruit, manage & appraise


Manage vacancies and job applications, customise job process. 


Leaves, Attendance , Appraisal, Timesheet, Gamification 


Manage approvals for employees e..g leave, claims etc. 

Discuss, surveys, online signatures


Discuss topics with team mates, Create private & department channels


Virtually sign all important documents e..g sales orders, purchases etc 


Centralise all docs with customise workflow and user access 

If you an NGO or  have  been displaced from work and starting an e-commerce  business from home or otherwise. We have offers for you. Register by clicking on GET STARTED. 

Begin your Digital Transformation for RM299/ year

Start FREE for 30 days

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Wizeewig  - About us

Wizeewig is a digital transformation platform to help organisations to capitalise the digital era. It is owned by SKALI,  a pioneer tech company in South East Asia. 

SKALI officially became a brand name when Altavista SKALI  was launched in June 1997. The brand name was deemed appropriate as in Malay “sekali” means TOGETHER. It was the spirit of “togetherness” that made them one and strong, and ready to face and overcome their challenges. And “togetherness” has become the fundamental philosophy of SKALI’s culture.

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