Digital Transformation Assessment

Answer these few questions to know what stage you are in your Digital Transformation (DT) and where you need to go next

The Five Stages of Digital Transformation and what it means 

The As-Is

Although there may be pockets of informal digital experimentation the organisations is still “business as usual”. Operating on legacy business models, non digital customer experience and low leadership in driving digital transformation

Formal Experimentation

The next stage is when the organisation is taking the steps to have a formal structure to experimentation.  This will have visibility at the leadership, KPI and investment put in the digital experiment

Cross Realisation

Once there are small successes in the experimentation, the organisation will be integrating the  digital customer experience across the organisation.  This will happen when there is unity in vision, dedicated resources and shared  investments across all departments


A dedicated digital team is now driving the transformation of the organisation. Transforming legacy infra into digital


Digital Transformation is the ingrained culture and vision of the organisation. Digital is now by default. Continuous change and improvement is understood as the new norm. Data is used extensively and agile/ rapid improvements are made

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