Not all companies are created the same.

Apps should cater to you and not the other way round. Explore our customised options to have that perfect fit. 


Tell us when, how , who & what you need


Seeing is believing. We start prototyping to show you what you want. 

Develop & test

The kitchen starts cooking and rigorous testing is done to meet your standards


How we customise to your needs

Watch this video on how Wizeewig will customise your projects. Explore the 4 stages of customisation that will transform your organisation. 

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MVP - Get up and running fast 

We use the Minimum  Viable  Product  (MVP) methodology to customise your solution. What is the most critical but minimal features your customer want.

But we won't stop there, every 3 months, we gradually bring on new features, as we study the analytics on how your customers interact. 

Real time Project Management

We bring on experienced and specialised project manager for your project with an online tool that will provide real time dashboard, tasks, schedules, document sharing and much more.
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Customer journey & Rapid prototyping 

Stop building without thinking about your customer. Let our specialist formulate the customer journey that will put your customer at the center.

Seeing is believing. We start prototyping to show you what you want. 

Transparent and visible

We bring on board top talents in project management, requirements analyst, designers, developers and testers. 

Get our service packs, starting from 50 hours and track their work online, giving you a transparent and visible monitoring. 

Have not used all your hours? Don't worry because it will still be available for your next project or ask for a full refund. 

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Wizeewig  - About us

Wizeewig is a digital transformation platform to help organisations to capitalise the digital era. It is owned by SKALI,  a pioneer tech company in South East Asia. 

SKALI officially became a brand name when Altavista SKALI  was launched in June 1997. The brand name was deemed appropriate as in Malay “sekali” means TOGETHER. It was the spirit of “togetherness” that made them one and strong, and ready to face and overcome their challenges. And “togetherness” has become the fundamental philosophy of SKALI’s culture.

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